My Work

Here's a selection from recent development work. The clients listed below have kindly granted me permission to describe the projects in question; my grateful thanks to each of them.

PER Plus Logistics

PER Plus Logistics B.V. is a logistics company specializing in the bulk transport of liquid chemicals. I created a desktop application for them to manage their orders. This has enabled them to streamline their processes, save time processing orders and meet their quality targets.

EmPorter Solutions

EmPorter HR is an application used in human resource departments to maintain a complete dossier for all communication with and regarding employees. I've been tasked with porting the backend database from Oracle to MS SQL Server, as well as creating a number of web applications to be used with the system.

Rijk Zwaan

Rijk Zwaan is a leading vegetable seed producer, and they asked me to perform a major update to an in-house application used to analyze DNA test results. This saves them hundreds of man-hours of manual analysis.