My Work

EmPorter Solutions

EmPorter HR is an application used in human resource departments to maintain a complete dossier for all communication with and regarding employees, including the management of issues and the related HR workflow. It's developed by EmPorter Solutions, based in Schipluiden, Zuid-Holland, and is used by a number of large companies to efficiently manage their HR work processes.

The application was originally developed with an Oracle database backend. EmPorter Solutions also wanted to offer it with a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 backend, so I was asked to assist with porting the database objects and stored procedure code to SQL Server-friendly formats.

I created a performance-optimised database and rewrote a large number of Oracle views and stored procedures. This wasn't simply a question of "translating" Oracle-compatible code into the T-SQL equivalent; a comprehensive rewrite was necessary in many instances to make the best use of the features of SQL Server for performance, maintainability and security. I also advised on best practices for installation and configuration of SQL Server at customer sites. The first customer live implementation on the MS SQL platform took place in late 2010.

Detail from the ASP.NET Manager Task List

I've also been involved with a number of new development projects for EmPorter. I built a C# ASP.NET web application that will be used to enter, process and validate HR change requests in the EmPorter database as XML, as well as a tasklist application giving a management overview of outstanding questions and actions.


When you discuss a commission with Paul, he listens carefully to the requirements. His first reaction is often that he's not the best person for the job, followed by a series of questions through which it's apparent that he is the best person for the job. This is also obvious after the project is completed. I'm pleased to work with him and am very satisfied with the professionalism and quality of his work.

Carlo Vieveen, Director & Owner