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Looping through SQL tables using a SSIS Foreach Loop Container

Area: SSIS / Integration Services / SQL Server 2008

Here's another article (PDF, 483KB) about the SSIS Foreach Loop Container, this time demonstrating the use of the Foreach ADO.NET Schema Rowset Enumerator to build a list of SQL tables. These tables are then used one-by-one as the source for a regular ETL data flow.

Added 23.02.11

Sending SQL query results via HTML mail using SSIS

Area: SSIS / Integration Services / SQL Server 2005

SQL Server Integration Services is more than just a tool for moving data from one place to another. In this article (PDF, 729KB) I demonstrate, step-by-step, how to create an SSIS package to execute a query against a SQL Server database and then reformat and mail the results as a HTML mail attachment.

Resources: Orders.xsl | SQL Query for Order

Added 14.02.11

Transaction and Error Handling Basics in SQL Server

Area: SQL Server / TSQL

Getting transaction handling right is one of the most important things you need to learn when writing scripts or developing code for SQL Server, but it's an area where experienced SQL coders still get caught out. This article (PDF, 252KB) explains the basics of error trapping, error handling, transaction handling and what's happening behind the scenes as your code executes...or not, as the case may be.

Added 28.05.09

Converting non-Latin characters for a SQL 2005 Unicode database

Area: SQL Server / TSQL / Unicode

International database applications need to be able to work with, display and support more than just the 26 letters of the Latin alphabet. SQL Server makes it easy to set up a new database with full support for practically every known language and character system, but how do you go about converting text entered in different languages and from mixed code pages in an existing database to a new Unicode-compliant database?

Here's an example (PDF, 415KB) showing how I went about converting a SQL 2000 database with mixed Western European and Polish text to a new SQL 2005 Unicode database.


Added 15.02.09

Real World Foreach Loop Container example

Area: SSIS / Integration Services

The Foreach Loop Container control makes it possible to loop and repeat sections of control flow in an SSIS package, but the real beauty of the control lies in the huge variety of different enumeration types you can use when defining loops. A couple of examples used in a production scenario are described in this article (PDF, 758KB).

Added 07.07.08

Consuming a SQL 2005 Native Web Service from an ASP.NET application

Area: ASP.NET / SQL Native Web Services / SQL 2005

SQL Server 2005 allows you to publish data via web services without using a separate web server or installing IIS on your database server. This article (PDF, 585KB) is the second in a series documenting SQL 2005 Native Web Services and explains how to call a Windows-authenticated SQL Native Web Service from a simple ASP.NET application, and how to create and call a parameterized SQL web service.

Added 05.03.08

Providing SQL data as a web service using SQL Server 2005 Native Web Services

Area: ASP.NET / SQL Native Web Services / SQL 2005

SQL Server 2005 allows you to publish data via web services without using a separate web server. This article (PDF, 400KB) is the first in a series explaining how to get started with SQL Native Web Services.

Added 15.02.08

XML processing in SQL Server 2005

XML data capabilities are tightly integrated in SQL Server 2005. This article (PDF, 446KB) explains how to parse typed XML data in SQL 2005.

NOTE: The links to the download file embedded in the PDF document are no longer active. Use the link below to download the correct file.


Added 23.01.08

Troubleshooting Connecting to a Remote SQL Server in SQL Management Studio

This article explains the steps to take if a SQL server won't respond in the SQL Management Studio.

Added 16.01.08

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