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Who I Am

My name's Paul Clancy. I'm from Ireland, but I've been living and working very happily in the beautiful Dutch town of Delft since 1999. I've worked for a number of well-known international companies in the past (take a look at my LinkedIn profile if you're interested) but decided to take it a step further in 2007 by going into business for myself as 360Data. I enjoy helping businesses make the most of their information, by helping them record, maintain, manipulate, query, protect and exchange data in the most efficient and cost-effective ways possible. I'm a native English speaker, obviously, but I also speak fluent Dutch.

My primary technical specialty is the Microsoft SQL Server database platform. I've worked with every SQL Server version since 1999 and I passed my first Microsoft certification exam in 2001. I also develop and customize solutions that use SQL Server databases on ASP.NET for web applications and MS Office-based desktop solutions in both C# & Visual Basic.

What I Do

Customised web & desktop applications

I build made-to-measure ASP.NET & MS Office applications in situations where no off-the-shelf solution exists for a company's needs, or where existing alternatives are too costly or cumbersome. These applications are built on top of Microsoft SQL Server databases to ensure stability, security, performance, maintainability, scalability and cost-effectiveness.

My approach to development is always centred on the data; an application is merely a tool for entering, maintaining or accessing data. The data is where the business value resides and where the greatest care needs to be taken.

Database analysis, troubleshooting & problem-solving

Modern data applications are complex entities, and pinpointing the source of problems - and solving them - demands a specialized skill set. I've been working with databases & database applications since 1993, including seven years as database administrator for a large international company. During this time, I've been involved in managing, updating, querying and optimizing large and intricate databases and datasets, as well as the systems they reside on.

Interfaces & Data Exchange

Interexchange of data is fundamental to the way we do business today, whether it be from one company to another, or internally between a company's own systems. I've been building production ETL solutions based on Microsoft's SSIS and DTS technologies since 2003 to import and export to and from a wide variety of data stores and file types, and to manipulate data on the way.

Database administration

If your organisation doesn't need a full-time DBA, or you need someone to provide holiday cover, give me a call. I'm a qualified and experienced database administrator, and I can configure and maintain large-scale, complex SQL Server database systems in accordance with accepted best practices. This includes security, backups, availability, performance, reporting, monitoring and automating in so far as possible all of the above to get the most work done with the fewest resources.

Database advice & consultancy

I advise companies regularly over their use of SQL Server, including security, maintenance, high availability, performance, reporting, data modelling and best practices in these areas, as well as upgrades to newer versions and which features of the database suite are most interesting for the particular needs of the business.

Get in touch

If, having read this, you're interested in hearing more, feel free to contact me without pressure or obligation. I look forward to hearing from you.

Your data is one of your most important business assets, but are you getting the most value out of it?

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